Looking for a good board game?

Just when people thought their digital counterparts where going to take down Books and Vinyl they made a tremendous comeback and joining them for the ride are now the board games. These tabletop games are the recent addition to the ever-growing “the real thing” trend of recent years, They are still the best and most healthy way to have fun with other people.

Whether or not millennials rule the World is up for debate, however, one thing is for sure, they are forgetting all about Candy Crush, FIFA, Fornite, Call of Duty, and so on, putting down their cell phones and Play station controllers and picking up their dice as they now are embracing the games their parents and grandparents used to play when they were their age.

Board games are bringing people together again

More and more people are joining forces in gaming marathon sessions simply to enjoy the social fun inherited from board games. Nowadays is easy to find bars and cafes catering to the needs of this new trend followers, offering an extremely wide selection of tabletop games, up to 800 hundreds of them in certain locals. Rest assure that board games are no longer a Christmas present just for kids.

Matches of classic board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, and Scrabble are now the highlights of some of the most massive gaming expos from around the World, alongside with more “modern” ones like Warhammer or trading card games (Magic The Gathering, etc.).

Strong comeback from leading players in board games

According to experts buying a board game is no longer just about fun, is actually a good financial move. Nowadays, computer gaming, console gaming, and handheld gaming (smartphones) is no longer a “pay once” thing, and this is one of the big reasons why board games have made such a strong comeback, while the gaming industry is now forcing gamers to make in-game purchases (Battlefront, Red Redemption 2), tabletops require no additional expenses.

Board games

This situation has led to some of the more classic video game franchises like Fallout or Doom to make the switch from the electronic games to the tabletop games. Other companies have expressed their ideas to also start launching board games based on their classic titles.

Are these games on the rise again?

Once a struggling industry on the verge of disappearing, tabletop games are now a thriving endeavor once more, the company behind Warhammer fantasy models is one of the biggest and more successful of the field. Hasbro Gaming has also seen an increase in sales of their classic titles like Monopoly and Game of Life, they also launch a couple of new games called Chow Crown and Don’t Lose Your Cool.

The current situation with board games have led to some of the leading figures in the industry to call it the “New Golden Age of Board Game” and they are correct to call it like that, even in Wallstreet tabletop gaming sessions are used a mean of networking. In Silicon Valley, there is not a single start-up company that does not cater to the board game needs of their employees. Head down to your local toys store and pick a game you can enjoy with the entire family.

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