Hubelino Marble Run Review

Everyone wants to engrave concentration, imagination, focus, motor skills, logical thinking, analytical thinking, problem-solving, patience, and creativity in the personality of their kids. It is possible with this very impressive, engaging, and unmatched Hubelino marble run. This is the best marble run for the children of the age of 4-10 years. Besides, it is equally interesting for adults with unlimited fun. 

Hubelino is in the market of toys since 2005 and has the signature Marble Run, the Mind and Learning games, and a marvelous pi Marble Run. Every creation of Hubelino has its own charm and utility. Let’s explore this beautiful world of fun and educational toys which stimulate spatial intelligence, and improve the understanding of elementary principals of physics.

Marble Run

This marble run is designed to teach the kids to follow instructions, stimulate working memory, and improve their analytical skills, in addition to adding unending fun to their life. The marble run is available in sets and as separate elements.

There is a diversified collection of marble run packs from starter packets to very expansive construction sets. Let’s have a look at the elements of this marble run separately.

1. Building Blocks

the foremost thing that is best about Hubelino building blocks is that they are compatible with any other marble run available in the market, such as Lego Duplo bricks. They can be used with them to create bigger structures and marble runs. The building blocks are usually white in color but that makes them easily spotted in complex marble runs.but if you like the colorful blocks, they are also available. There are Hubelino sets that have these blocks and you can buy them separately if you have enough run elements and only need building blocks. Base elements are also included in the sets and in the blocks packs.

2. Run Elements

The run elements are simply beautiful and highly workable at the same time. There is everything you may need to build a simple to very complex marble run. The run elements include the start and endpoint, corner curve,  crossing, big curve, small slide, big slide, curved slide, small run, medium run, tunnels, and turns. This diversifies collection puts creativity if your kids on the test. They come in bright red, yellow, blue and green colors, that makes them easy to spot. There are run elements in the pre-set packs and there are two separate packs of these run wlemnts with different quantities which you can buy according to your preferences. 

3. Expansions

The expansions put the imagination on a different level. Unfortunately, these are not included in any pack, you have to buy them separately. But they are the end to the world of the endless marble run. A few amazing expansions are twister, cradle chute, catapult, switch, and see-saw. Add them to your marble run and the result would be more engaging, more interesting.

Learning Games

Learning games are basically educational sets that take your kids from the initial step into the world of numbers, letters, quantities, and sounds to the whole new world of calculation, reading, and writing. It has a wide range of lessons, challenges, and tasks for the learners in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school.

Mind Games 

The puzzle games are designed to test the knowledge, creativity, and learning of the kids. There are four mind games that have different bases. The Match Four and Rainbow Dominos help the learners to improve their strategic and combinational learning, in addition to teaching them about colors.

Wooden Star Puzzle

Tangram is derived from ancient Far-East games, in which kids can create unlimited Myriad of mystical creatures and shapes with the help of geometrical patterns. Hide N’Sheep and Sudoku is also part of this series by Hubelino. 

Pi Marble Run

This marble run is a new bold step into the zone of Fun with Physics. It combines Physics tricks with creative construction fun. This marble run is designed to excel by using the tricky marble run race trackers, high speed, action-packed tricks and stunts of the steel marble.

Hubelino Pi on lego boat

The colors used in this system are black and yellow which make it look really scientific. Again it is also compatible with other Hubelino marble run packs and elements and also with the blocks and run elements of other manufacturers. Following are few sets available in pi Marble Run System

1. Marble Run Set (Medium)

Hubelino marble run it is a 99-piece set contains all the components which a required to construct a spectacular marble run. There are 29 run elements that include slides and steep curves that allow the construction of a desirable fast speed. 63 construction elements serve to build a marvelous structure with e tunnel adapters. The set includes four high-quality steel marbles. All these elements and blocks can be used with other marble run systems too.

2. Marble Run Set (Extra Large)

A huge marble run can be constructed with this 246-piece set, that has 4 Gausscannons to shoot the marbles, tunnels, ramps, 84 run elements, 12 steel marbles, and 134 construction elements. The structure can be designed over 2 square base-plates. Like all other sets of Hubelino, this set also comes with manual with instructions to create super-structures of the marble run.

3. Marble Run Gausskanone

Although this set has only 70 pieces but can give an experience of untamed magnetic powers. It comes with a booklet that explains various structures that can support and withstand the action rich Gausscannon stunts. The set contains 2 gausscannons, 4 steel marbles, 24 run elements, and 33 construction elements with 2 base plates. There are also 5 tunnel adapters with which the centrifugal force of accelerated marbles can be defied.

HUBELINO has opened a new window to the world of physics through the fun-creating toys. It has the guts to stimulate the learning abilities, the analytical approaches, and the creative instinct in the kids of almost every age. The toys by Hubelino would indulge the adult kids too, as they are a lot more interesting and engaging.

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