How to play FPS games using a controller

A game controller is one of the essential components of any console experience. In this text we take a look at the Delta Six game controller, an assault rifle shaped game controller designed to play FPS games on the PC and the various consoles available.

The Delta Six is the most impressive controller I have seen. Not only does it look like a high end gaming controller (, but it is also quite unique in appearance. It has all the features you would expect from a console controller such as feedback from recoil, zooming and the standard features found in other gun controllers.

Delta six

But what it offers in terms of sensitivity and battlefield control makes it stand out. It allows you to play an FPS game as realistically as possible with the current technology. Not only are you playing a modern game (such as Call of duty), but you are doing it by controlling your actions with a realistic rifle. You are controlling a console or PC with a gun!

The gun simulates combat with an assault rifle and offers all the functionality that modern games want from you. As such it is compatible with most games as well as most platforms. As the FPS genre is one of the most competitive as well as popular, you surely want an edge, as well as an immersive gaming experience. And this is where the Delta Six comes in with its impressive detail that allows you to feel like you are in the battle yourself.

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