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Effects of fidget toys on ADHD

Fidget toys are designed to help people focus and stay on task. But do they actually work?

There is some evidence that fidget toys can help people with ADHD, autism, and anxiety disorders. One study found that children with ADHD who used fidget toys were better able to pay attention and stay on task.…

Hubelino Marble Run Review

Everyone wants to engrave concentration, imagination, focus, motor skills, logical thinking, analytical thinking, problem-solving, patience, and creativity in the personality of their kids. It is possible with this very impressive, engaging, and unmatched Hubelino marble run. This is the best marble run for the children of the age of 4-10 years. Besides, it is equally interesting for adults with unlimited fun. 

Hubelino is in the market of toys since 2005 and has the signature Marble Run, the Mind and Learning games, and a marvelous pi Marble Run. Every creation of Hubelino has its own charm and utility. Let’s explore this …

Board games

Looking for a good board game?

Just when people thought their digital counterparts where going to take down Books and Vinyl they made a tremendous comeback and joining them for the ride are now the board games. These tabletop games are the recent addition to the ever-growing “the real thing” trend of recent years, They are still the best and most healthy way to have fun with other people.

Whether or not millennials rule the World is up for debate, however, one thing is for sure, they are forgetting all about Candy Crush, FIFA, Fornite, Call of Duty, and so on, putting down their cell phones …


Fuzzy Puppet Youtube channel

For all of those of you who love Star Wars and are starving for the new Force Awakens film to come out, you hunger will be fully satisfied in the meantime with this Force Awakens Fan Film! The YouTube channel Fuzzy Puppet, which does toy reviews for kids, has done a fantastic job of producing a Hollywood movie style Star Wars film for kids!…


How to motivate your kids to exercise?

We the parents should do everything they can to motivate kids to be active and play as much as possible. The best way is to set a good example by exercising and being active ourselves. That will give them the confidence to embrace working out and being active in their daily routines. We should spend time with them playing and having fun while doing it. You can do all sorts of activities outside and inside the house.…


The Unjust Plush are the most unique and delightfully bizarre plush animals out there!

Despite their injuries, the Unjust Plush animals are quirky, brave, and optimistic. Their positive attitudes present a new way to shed light on animal cruelty. They just need your help to get the conversation going!

Like normal plush toys, the Unjust Plush have funny personalities and cute appearances. But unlike normal plush toys, these furry friends also have battle scars, harpoons, bandages, neck braces, and so on. Our line of plush toy animals seek to shed a light on animal injustice in a new way.…


BOTO The Pink Dolphin 2 – A Fun Mobile Underwater Educational

BOTO the Pink Dolphin 2 is a new game from the established educational makers of “BOTO the Pink Dolphin”. BOTO 2 has been updated with new and interesting games for young children to play and learn with. The app plays like a children’s animated ebook with the option to have a multilingual voice over, or to have the children read by themselves for practice. In addition to the story, BOTO has been integrated with several fun educational activities for children to learn and grow from and a unique parental feedback system to track children’s progress through various activities.…

Delta six

How to play FPS games using a controller

A game controller is one of the essential components of any console experience. In this text we take a look at the Delta Six game controller, an assault rifle shaped game controller designed to play FPS games on the PC and the various consoles available.

The Delta Six is the most impressive controller I have seen. Not only does it look like a high end gaming controller (, but it is also quite unique in appearance. It has all the features you would expect from a console controller such as feedback from recoil, zooming and the standard features …

Toy atm montage

A Complete Guide For Parents To Choose The Best Toys For Their Children

Do you remember how it was when you where a child? What was your main activity? Was it working? Of course not. Your main activity was playing. You had no concerns. You needed toys and your parents where supposed to provide you with them. They had to find toys you wouldn’t throw away and believe me, it wasn’t easy for them.

Now you are a parent and you are in the same situation as your parents years ago. You’re looking for toys that your child will like. That’s why you must know how to choose the right toys. My parents …